Beautiful Finnish autumn

After the cold and rainy end of the August, we deserved a warm and sunny weekend. Where to spend it? Of course in the forest!

Nearby district. Like most places in Finland, it can be characterized with tho words: “peace” and “stillness”. It’s hard to imagine that somewhere people are fighting and waiting for the harsh winter. This is so unfair :( I wish that life everywhere in the world will be so simple and “boring” like in Finland.

When there is peace inside and no hurry, it’s a good time for selfies.

I found some nice trails in Ylästö, never visited them before.

Unfortunately, not all Finland consists of forest. Sometimes you can encounter a landscape like this one. It’s hard to believe, but there is another nuclear plant under construction. At the same time people in our office don’t even bother to shut off big screens for the night. When everybody is sleeping, those screens are on, with a lonely “No signal” bar moving from one corner to another.

In the forest again.

Laavu – a perfect place to eat lunch or to sleep.

Myllyjärvi lake. Water is getting colder, but it’s still pretty possible to swim.

It’s nice to discover new places, but it’s also good to encounter something familiar. Here we walked with our friends on the last weekend before Switzerland. Pine trees are the same, but there is no ice this time :)

Sometimes the trail was wet and difficult to ride, but a lot of tyre traces convinced me that it’s still possible to do it.

Official MTB trails are like bicycle roads in Helsinki. They want to do something good, but don’t know how. The result is usually unpredictable.

It’s getting darker and colder and I should hurry home. But I can’t miss this place. The sign says “You can take them”.

Now I have heavier bag, but still go fast. I know that Elena is waiting me. It’s time to hug her and to tell my tales from the forest :)

* * *

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