Beautiful (and cold) Finnish autumn

For the obvious reason, this year I didn’t discover much new places in Finland. There is one exception hovewer – Liesjärvi National Park and Forssa region in general.

The way to the Forssa region starts on a bus stop in the middle of a busy highway intersection. But in this time of the year even such a disgusting place can look admirable.

I had no time for the Forssa itself, but I plan to go there next summer. There is a museum railroad near Forssa, where is possible to ride a hand car by yourself!

I went straight ahead to Tammela this time. Autumn is a good time to think about senility.

There is a tiny but awesome People’s Park just South-East from Tammela: Saaren kansanpuisto. It’s hard to imagine a better place for swimming, but unfortunately it was already too cold.

I spent a night on the mire near Hämeenlinna. Finally a night outdoors, in a tent! I missed this so much. I didn’t take the tent with me to Switzerland and it was the only tangible thing I missed there.

I like Hämeenlinna. It’s quiet and hilly little town. And my favorite place there is Myllymäki hill.

Autumn roads are beautiful, aren’t they?

The last stop to inhale some carbohydrates and the day is over. I cycled until Riihimäki, where a train was waiting for me and my bicycle.

* * *

Next Saturday and the same bus stop :) This time the destination is Liesjärvi National Park, 22 km South of Forssa.

It was no more than +3 during the day and even colder in the evening. But I knew this already from the previous years – there is one day in October, when everything is a little bit frozen in the morning. And this day is inevitable.

A rare luxury in Finland – marked forest trail (“The Lynx trail” in this case, very nice name).

There are several types of forest and mires in Liesjärvi, as well as dozen of lakes. There is a wonderful ridge between Kyynärä and Liesjärvi lakes as well, it’s worth adding to your hiking route. Unfortunately, it was already dark when I walked there with Elena, so I don’t have photos. We decided that we will go there once again sometimes :)

Cold weather is not a joke. This is what it did with the lake only in one night.

Fortunately, thousand years old method to warm up is still available :)

I think we are ready for the cold season. And what about you?

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