An year old commute (a.k.a. you could not step twice into the same river)

Time is going fast. I used to live in 5 places in Helsinki already. All of them are dear to me, but Muusantori was one of the greatest.

I just want to share one beautiful October morning with you, when I cycled from Muusantori to work. I rode the same route around 500 times. This wonderful commute is one of the answers to the question why I moved to Helsinki.

I used to live in this house, on the first floor.

This is Baltic sea, belive me or not.

This cozy boulevard looks a little bit different now. Shared pedestrian/bicycle lane was converted to dedicated bicycle lane and curbs were removed.

This bicycle lane still needs renovation (now it’s too narrow), but it has a nice sea view so that I forgot anything else in the mornings like this.

Not all bicycle lanes and intersections were good in this commute, but, frankly said, the only really annoying was this one.

Finnish Tram Museum is located here.

This square used to be a huge and free parking lot. Last year it was converted to the paid parking lot and, as you can see, there are just a few people who really need to drive to this area. The city saved a lot of space for something more meaningful than parking. This square can be used now for the fairs and other mass events, for example.

There is a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists over the railroad.

And the beautiful sea again.

My residence changed, but the working place not, so I can’t show the rest of my way. Maybe you will see it in some other nostalgic blog post in the future, when the workplace will become history as well :)

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