Mega trip 2014: Part 9, Lenzburg, spring in Switzerland &

Believe me or not, but this photo was taken on 6th April. Swiss spring is beautiful and it comes to my mind quite often during these gray and windy days.

One day Elena was looking for some events in Zürich and found a website named It seems that it’s quite popular in Switzerland. We decided to visit Lenzburg castle and the area around together with Meetup group.

Lenzburg is a small town, reachable only in 19 minutes by train from Zürich. It’s a town by itself however, there is no feeling of suburb.

A cosy, but an empty place, because it was early morning. Swiss people wake up VERY early, so does the organizer of the event :(

A legend tells that there was once a dragon living in a cave in the hillside, who was defeated by two knights, Wolfram and Guntram. The grateful people made the two Counts of Lenzburg and gave them permission to build a castle on the hilltop.

There is no dragon in the castle nowadays. A poseur cat is living there instead.

This is a part of our Meetup group. The idea behind Meetup is simple – people create communities, dedicated to certain type of activity, and announce meetings there. Everyone who is interested can come, if there are places available.

Simple and powerful idea! I miss such kind of community in Finland.

When we arrived to Seengen, the sun made its appearance and a multitude of flowers were in front of us.

We delayed the whole group a little bit, but I just couldn’t help taking these pictures. I knew that they will save me during the long and dark winter.

But not only flowers were eye-candy in Seengen.

A small but wonderful moat castle is located nearby (Schloss Hallwyl).

A time for lunch. Outside, of course.

What can be better occupation on Sunday than walking and admiring all this beauty around?

Hallwillersee. The lake looks great already, but I didn’t dare to swim there. It seems that Swiss lakes can be really cold in spring, even if there is almost +20 outside.

A last glance at the lake and a short climb to Beinwil am See station.

That’s a real railway line, not a tram. Trains are an integral part of Swiss places, not something that should be fenced in.


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