Mega trip 2014: Part 10, Effretikon (our hometown in Switzerland)

It’s +12 tomorrow in Zürich and just +3 in Helsinki. It was the same during the last spring as well.

I miss Switzerland right now and I would like to show you a little bit of the town of Effretikon, which was our home for the half of the year.

We had a room, where the sun woke us up in the morning. And I set up my little office here, in the living room. So many times I spoke Finnish here, taking part in numerous meetings and rarely feeling deprived of the joy of being a part of a bigger team.

Elena likes flowers, so I didn’t have to worry about them :)

Sometimes I left my laptop and went for some food.

After that I proceeded to the balcony to enjoy my meal, to listen neighbours talking with each other, to see kids returning from the school, to enjoy the sun.

In a rainy day I ate my meal inside, but I can’t help standing a little bit on the balcony, looking at the nearby hill.

Effretikon has a population just below 15 000 and it’s located 16 km East from the centre of Zürich.

Like almost anywhere in Switzerland, the town is built around railway station. We had to walk no more than 10 minutes to the platform and the places around were never boring.

I checked mail, while Elena was waiting for me.

Our yard.

A glance at the end of our short street.

And then we went. This time with no hurry. Rare occasion :)

Eight of March and there are already flowers around, while big trees are still mostly without leaves.

Main street and a shop. That was an unbelivable experience, to have a shop nearby. And they sold fresh croissants every morning!

This is what I really like in Central Europe.

Most of the town’s streets have 30 km/h speed limit.

A blossoming tree. In March. Really? After so many years spent in the North it was a hard hit for my perception :)

Our short walk is over and the train will bring us in just 16 minutes to the Zürich Central Station.


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