The state of summer

Usually I am not the person who is complaining about weather. However, this year’s spring and summer are untolerable even for me.

We haven’t seen any warm days in April and even May was mostly chilly. June didn’t bring much good as well. The first really warm day was 13th of June, Saturday. I spent that weekend in East Finland and decided to swim swiftly when I saw this:

I’ve been in Imatra last time 6 years ago. Nothing really changed since then, it’s the same cozy small town, full of Russian tourists due to proximity to the border. And the Vuoksi river still flows from Saimaa to Ladoga lake.

The sign says that there is an ice-hole available for swimmers. It reminded me of winter :(

A nice fish restaurant is located on Varpasaari island. There is a place nearby, where you can swim while waiting for the food.

Cyclists are rolling along the river in the same way as 6 years ago.

The summer ended on the next day.

However, the road from Imatra to Lappeenranta (the longer one, not along the highway) is pleasant in any weather.

Can you guess (without Google Translate) what is this monument about?

No signs of economic downturn in suburbs of Lappeenranta :)

Nice quiet roads.

I was surprised to see a running steam train. It would be nice to take a ride sometime.

Pretty Saimaa channel.

Notice size of the bike parking in the school’s yard. I wish to be a child again and to study in Finnish school.

Lappeenranta through my eyes. I understand why Russian tourists like it. It’s a place not only for shopping :)

Midsummer wasn’t much better regarding weather. Then there was one warm and pleasant week and then it became chilly again. Where are you, summer? We miss you so much!

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