A little trip to Korpudden

Last weekend was more than perfect for a trip to the forest – full moon, no clouds and lots of berries everywhere.

It was a great coincidence that exactly in that week my friend Tanja came back from Iceland and said that it’s time for a bicycle trip. We started from Inkoo railway station, enjoying beautiful sunset.

Soon the day was over and a splendid moon made its apparition.

After grilling sausages and talking about life, I couldn’t just go and sleep without taking these photos.

In the morning I noticed that I put the tent in the middle of blueberries :)

The place where we were is Korpudden, a small recreational area on Lohjanjärvi lake. A short trail goes around it. The trail starts at the bottom of the huge rock formation and goes first along the lake.

A ramification of the trail leads to the very edge of Korpudden peninsula. An osprey lives there. It’s forbidden to bother these birds (especially in April-August), so we went back immediately.

The second part of the trail goes up gradually. Lots of wild strawberries and raspberries are available for everyone walking there :)

Only a small part of enormous Lohjanjärvi.

Svartå manor is located nearby. It has a beautiful park around, open to everyone.

I drew a route on the previously unfamiliar roads from Svartå to Fagervik. As you can see, they are such a beauty!

Even if I swam already in Lohjanjärvi in the morning, I couldn’t resist swimming again here in Bruksträsket lake.

On the road from Fagervik to Snappertuna clouds came again, but that wasn’t a problem. My skin got its portion of sun and warmth for the day. Sometimes I feel that I’m able to accumulate these feelings and they help me to survive long and harsh winter.

We were in time at Karjaa railway station and a train took us back home. The whole route wasn’t very long, only around 23 km on Friday evening and around 55 km on Saturday. Therefore I can recommend it to everyone who wants to go for a 1,5 day trip somewhere not far from Helsinki.

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