Christmas night ride

It’s almost a tradition already – in the Christmas night I take my bike and go somewhere in the city, to feel the unique atmosphere, which happens only once in a year.

Public transport stops to work around 16:00 and starts next day around 11:00. That’s an arguable thing, but this is how it is for now.

Together with strikes, it’s the rare opportunity to admire empty stations.

Beautiful Central Park of Helsinki. There were surprisingly many cyclists around 23:00. One of the few advantages of the snowless Christmas :)

This shop was open only from 7:00 to 12:00. Some others were closed at all.

Christmas night is also a small Critical Mass for me. It’s possible to cycle on the streets, which are to be avoided all other time. I arrived to the center from Hämeentie.

Things are not that easy however even in the Christmas night. I had to wait some minutes here to make a shot without cars in it.

There was not so much people in the center except Asian tourists, making selfies with these pretty reindeer.

A counter on the Baana bicycle superhighway said that 2 people already rolled by, starting from 0:00. What a pity! I wanted to be the first. I should come there on 1.1.2016 :)

I wish you a Merry Christmas, dear readers!

Empty streets again. The city is so beautiful and so safe without cars! The air is fresh as well and there is no noise. Just awesome! It was definitely a good idea to go out this night.

No cars = all green for cyclists. I like it! :)

And there are still 3 non-working days left! I’m happy and wish you to be too! ;)

  1. Beautiful pictures Alex! Thank you.. I regret I didn’t do that ride myself.

  2. Alex Rybakoff says:

    Thanks, Heikki! Next year then :)

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