Tenerife 2016: Bajamar

Picking a place to live in being far away from it – that’s always tough, but how many pleasant surprises wait you there! I couldn’t imagine being in Finland how nice place is Bajamar, my first home in Tenerife.

I’ve seen the similar photo on Airbnb. Cool, thought I, the ocean is over there and the beach is nearby. I couldn’t imagine then the eternal wind blowing straight into the window and that the balcony is in the shade 22 hours out of 24. That was a drawback of my apartment. But I couldn’t imagine also the other view, to the mountains. I liked it so much! I’ll keep these mountains in my heart.

This side was sunny and I spent endless minutes there, waiting for the file to be uploaded or just having some rest between work tasks.

The waves were huge and spectacular in Bajamar almost all the time and there were always people making pictures of them.

The beach (and natural pools) are safe, clean and free in Bajamar. There is also an indoor swimming pool nearby, but I didn’t go there because the ocean water was warm enough (around +20).

There is only one road, connecting Bajamar with the rest of the world, and it’s unfortunately not a pleasant place for walking. I made a walking route for 1-1,5 hours around the village instead and went there when I had no time for a greater adventure.

There is a nudist beach near Bajamar. I went there to acquire uniform tan lines, but met a local pervert instead :( I understood for the first time in my life what women feel when they see all sorts of jerks around them.

Aren’t the places wonderful? I went over this bridge so many times, but there is never too much beauty. I moved from Bajamar only 2 weeks ago and I already miss it.

So many times I read a book (or made Spanish exercices) on the beach until the dusk. The ocean healed me and gave me strength to meet a new lonely day.

The weather was just awesome during the first three weeks of my stay in Tenerife – very dry, sunny and never below +18 during the day. I even started to miss the rain a little bit and I was rewarded with a light drizzle one morning.

Soon after that I moved to another place. Everything changed – the ocean became distant and El Teide peak became close, solitude changed to nice evenings with friends around the fireplace, shorts were long forgotten and fleece jacket started to be my second skin. I’ll tell about our awesome rural house sometimes, but first I’ll put here some more photos of hiking, cycling and pretty Spanish towns. Stay tuned! :)

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