Tenerife 2016: Punta del Hidalgo

The adjacent town fascinated me when I first saw it on the map. The road ends there abruptly and mountains begin. “It should be worth visiting”, I thought, and went there one evening.

The easiest way to reach Punta del Hidalgo is walking along the main road (the left one in the photo). It has a pavement all the way from Bajamar to Punta del Hidalgo, which is a rare luxury here in the South.

But there is an option for a more adventurous creature as well :) Just before Calle las Palmeras a path goes down to the beach. If you see the sign “Danger of falling rocks”, you are on the right way :)

You’ll meet numerous surfers on the way. Some said that the beach between Bajamar and Punto del Hidalgo is one of the best places to surf in Tenerife, but a bit “wild”.

There are plenty of places to eat, to swim and just to sit on the embankment in Punta del Hidalgo.

Still looking good?

People enjoy sunsets all around. Punta del Hidalgo is one of the best places to watch them indeed.

There is a dirt road, going around the peninsula. I’ve been there mostly during workdays and was relieved to see that local people also enjoy physical activity.

Some other times I went to Punta del Hidalgo by bicycle. The road there and back is too short and too easy, so I rewarded myself with one extra climb or two.

No matter how you go to Punta del Hidalgo – by foot, by bus, by bicycle, you’ll eventually end up in a magic place, where the road ends and the ocean meets mountains.

Pure awesomeness!

This place looks like an image for the fantasy book, isn’t it?

And plenty of good places for a selfie :) I recommend visiting Punta del Hidalgo to everyone!

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