Cycling in Linthal

Grüezi1, dear readers! You might have noticed that there weren’t any blog updates during the summer. Well, there were good reasons for that and one of them is that I’ve been outdoors quite a lot. I’m still very busy, but it’s just impossible not to write about all this beauty around. Today I invite you to Linthal, where I had my first bicycle ride in mountains since I moved to Switzerland.

1 – “Hello” in Swiss German

Linthal has two meanings – it’s both the valley of the river Linth and a town, which is the last station of S25 S-Bahn line.

The day was cloudy and a bit chilly (around 22 degrees), but I was rather happy about it after several days with the burning sun and +30.

Linth at this point is not very wide and strong yet.

Dozens of streams flow into the Linth, some with gorgeous waterfalls.

This is one of the few places in the valley, where a cyclist should use the main road, which makes Linthal a good place to cycle with family.

Happy and famous Swiss cows :)

Some snow in June! Not very close however :)

I was wondering occasionally – how is the life in these places? Do people still notice the beauty around or they got used to it?

In the afternoon the sun made its apparition.

The quality of the roads varies along the route, but it’s mostly good. Linthal is located around 300 m higher than Glarus, the next big town, so you cycle all the time either on flat or slightly downhill.

Wild strawberry in June, wow! I am used to pick it around my birthday in July.

I like that in Switzerland there are apparently no rules on how close the railroad might pass the houses. Quite often while traveling by train you feel like you are in someone’s backyard.

Some art in Glarus.

Not your average bench! There is some story about it, related to breastfeeding (?!?), but unfortunately I didn’t fully understand the German text. Later :)

Places from Glarus to Näfels were already familiar to me, but last time I walked there and this one cycled, which is a nice variation.

I like this attention to details. (And the fact that the bicycle route goes through the factory, which is a beautiful example of the efficient use of space).

Another thing, which I like in Switzerland, are drinking fountains. It’s a huge relief to carry one 0.5 liter bottle most of the time instead of two 1.5 liter bottles as I did before.

Last glance to Glarner Alps and… new mountains ahead! :)

And the enchanting Walensee is just around the corner.

Notice the difference of the color where the river flows in :)

Walensee is one of the most beautiful lakes I’ve seen so far.

In the evening weather became even nicer than in the afternoon and I wanted to swim. After some search I found a very lovely beach, but couldn’t stay in the water longer that 2 minutes. Too cold!

After unsuccessful swimming attempt, I just sat on the beach for a while. The day was too good to go home early and the whole summer was still ahead. I felt myself very happy and even a huge amount of coming troubles didn’t bother me.

At some point the sun suggested that it’s finally time to go home, so I caught the train and returned back to Zurich.

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