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Why car drivers and cyclists are in confrontation with each other?

I polished this article all the summer, but now I can’t wait anymore. It should be published. Last week’s tragic events (I’ll mention them later in the text) made me want not just to speak, but to shout. I want people to understand that cyclists are human beings, not obstacles on the road.

A work colleague of mine asked once why there is so much tension between people who are cycling and people who are driving in Helsinki. From his point of view, the tension between these two groups is much bigger than in many other cities. He assured that in another places where he used to live, in Munich, Chicago and Berlin, people in traffic were more friendly to each other.

The question of confrontation is in the air anyway, so I decided to answer in a blog post, sharing my thoughts not only with one person, but with everyone concerned. Even if I speak about Helsinki, you’ll find something about your own city as well, no matter where you live. The article is long, but well worth reading if you are at least sometimes using something else than bus or train for getting around.

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